100W Bi-Color
100W Bi-Color

The Aladdin ALL IN 2 is the result of innovation and feed­back from the community. Starting with an incredibly compact built-in dimmer on the back of the panel. Less weight, easier handling and much more solid than previous generations.

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-Use different colors by mixing RGB and BI-Color
-Motion control
-Control by wheeling button on the wireless controller
-Slim Design
-Control it with IOS or Android
-High CRI of 98
-Use different colors by mixing RGB and Bi-Color
-Control by wireless motion detection

Technical Specifications

Light Source Super high CRI Power LED’s (100W Bi-Colors / 40W RGB)

CRI CRI 97 / TLCI 97

Dimmer 0-100%

Beam Angle 140°

Size 300x600mm

APP Control IOS / Android

Input AC/DC 12-15V / 90-240V


Aladdin All-In 2 Color Led System, 100W Bi-Color, 40W RGB is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.