Arri Alexa Plus Package

arri alexa plus pl mount KIT
cooke mini s4i prime lens set coated or uncoated front elements (18-25-32-40-50-75-100-135mm), highspeed + anamorphic license, rods, handles, shoulder pad, arri follow focus ff-5, arri clamp-on mattebox lmb-25, sachtler 7+7 head, large-mid-baby sachtler tripods, 4x 32gb + 3x 64gb sxs cards, thunderbolt card reader, bebob batteries + chargers, 4x 4 nd filter set, arri rain cover, terradek bolt 500 kit, TILTA Nucleus wireless follow focus, 5″ tvlogic with wooden camera cage, 7″ tvlogic with wooden camera cage, tv logic 17″ monitor, magliner junior, cinesaddle

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Arri Alexa Plus Package is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.