Frenel rental Rota POLA ARRI

Mounted Circular Polarizer Filter
For ARRI LMB-25 or similar Matte Boxes
Rotatable, Water White Glass
Aluminum-Alloy Filter Tray

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The ARRI Rota Pola Filter Frame is compatible with LMB-5, LMB-15, LMB-25, LMB 4×5 and MB-19 matte box filter stages. It has the same width of a regular F4 filter frame and therefore only takes the space of one filter in a filter stage.

The glass inside is a round shaped circular polariser which takes less than 1.2 stops of light. The glass itself is available as a spare part (K4.0009410) and can easily be replaced by the end user when broken or scratched.
Note: It is not possible to use any other glass inside the Rota Pola Frame than the original supplied by ARRI.

The advantage of using a Rota Pola Filter Frame instead of a 4”x5.65” glass filter in a matte box filter frame is not caring anymore about having a rotating stage in your matte box because the glass inside the Rota Pola Frame can be rotated in the frame itself by using a friction driven gear at the top or at the bottom of the frame.

The Rota Pola Frame includes a unique feature which is a lock off of the rotation (on the top of the frame on the right side) which is very helpful after the position of the filter is adjusted by the DP/Operator.

Like this there is no risk anymore that the position might be changed unintended.
Note: There is a clear marking on the frame of how it should be aligned. The writing “camera side” should always face towards the camera.


ARRI ROTA POLA is available to rent at FRENEL rental.