B-Hague mms Car mount Multi mount System
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The Hague Multi Mount System 1 enables a variety of interchangeable components from Hague and Manfrotto to be used in various ways to mount a camera in a variety of positions that are sometimes difficult to reach.

The MMS1 system includes the Hague triangular BM100 Bowl Mount to which a standard 100mm (or 75mm using the supplied stepper ring) video head can be attached with the camera. The bowl mount is then held in position using a combination of the Connecting Rods, Angle Brackets, Rod Clamp, Connecting Collar, Suction Pads & Superclamps.

The Multi Mount 1 System is easy to use in a variety of situations and all the component parts have either a 5/8″ (16mm) socket or stud which allows them to be used with other items that are part of our 5/8″ range.


B-Hague mms Car mount Multi mount System is available to rent at FRENEL rental.

  • 6x Suction Cups + 5x caps
  • 5x Angle Brackets
  • 100mm Bowl Mount
  • 75mm Bowl Adapter
  • 5x Double Gobo Heads
  • Soft Pouch
  • 5x 1m Rods
  • 5x 50cm Rods
  • 3x 25cm Rods
  • 1x 10cm Rod
  • 3x 5cm Rods + Zipback
  • Trolley Case