CAP IT! MEDIUM covers almost all digital cinema cameras: Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Panavision. Regardless of your camera set up- primes, zooms, handheld or on sticks- CAP IT! will fit and protect your equipment.

Lightweight and custom made protection
Prevent damage from rain, VFX blood, dust, debris and more
Made to be expendable
Wraps around production equipment

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Protect your equipment with the Cap It! Cover – 3 Pack. The cover secures around your equipment with an elastic band and can be trimmed for a more precise fit. They are clear, elasticated covers that protect electronics and bigger camera setups from debris, dust, VFX blood splatter, light rain and more.

The CAP IT! COVER fits the vast majority of production setups- big zooms to primes. This versatile CAP was made for production cameras allowing space for batteries, wireless transmitters, onboard monitors, etc. Perfect for an Arri Alexa, built-out Mini/Red packages or even broadcast setups, CAP IT! COVERS are made to be expendable, are easy to pull on/off, and are thin enough to work with touch screen technology.

CAP IT! COVERS offer supreme, lightweight and custom-made protection against rain, VFX blood, dust, debris, and other elements that may cause damage to your equipment.

Each package comes with 3 CAPS and 3 industrial rubber bands to help ensure an optimal fit. Simply place the CAP IT! COVER over the camera and secure with the band. Next, cut around the front of the matte box/lens and continue shooting, now fully protected.

The Medium Cover can be used with:

Digital Cinema Cameras
Broadcast/ENG Cameras
Prime lens setups
Zoom setups


CAP IT! cover (medium) is available to buy at FRENEL rental.
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