Cartoni Z100 Laser Eng Fluid Head + Tripod
Cartoni Z100 Laser Eng Fluid Head + Tripod
Cartoni Z100 Laser Eng Fluid Head + Tripod

100mm ballsize, load capacity 12kgr

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The Cartoni Z100 Laser 100mm Ball Base ENG Fluid Head is designed for performing ENG digital camcorders weighting from 3 to 12 Kg. The Laser fluid head employs the latest in design and state-of-the-art materials giving the operator an extremely rugged, lightweight and cost-effective camera support. Offering a host of advanced features including infinitely adjustable tension settings, a perfect counterbalance system and an illuminated bubble level.

The award-winning, patented fluid damping system ensures consistent drag levels and smooth camera movements throughout the range and allows continuous adjustments in both pan and tilt modes. Featuring an infinitely variable counterbalance with easily readable numerical reference, it provides excellent performance at any tilt angle from +90 to -90 degrees.
Outstanding compensation performances are obtained throughout the tilt range, even for critical positions at +/-60 degrees, with an extremely compact counterbalance mechanism based on the combined compression of 4 flexible elements controlled by an ergonomic knob.

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity 11.8 kg
Diameter/Thread 100mm Half Ball
Counter Balance System 4 Flexible Elements
Counter Balance Range 3.6 to 9.5 Kg, Continuously Adjustable
Center of Gravity 5″
Quick Release/Wedge Plate Yes (Cat #Z125)
Balance Plate Sliding, 2x 3/8″ Screws
Tilt Drag Continuously Adjustable
Tilt Range -90/+90°
Tilt Lock Yes
Spring Loaded Counter Balance Continuously Adjustable
Pan Range 360°
Pan Lock Yes
Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes, Illuminated
Temperature Range -30° to +60°C
Weight 2.9 Kg (head only)


Cartoni Z100 Laser Eng Fluid Head + Tripod is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.