Cineroid Saturn 250 wide FRENEL rental
Cineroid Saturn 250 wide FRENEL rental
Cineroid Saturn 250 wide FRENEL rental

RGB full color with white color LED light
Enhanced flexible LED Panel
250W powerful lighting
CRI 95 / TLCI 98 or above
0~100% dimming
Color temperature 2,700˚K~6,500˚K
DMX 512 ready with Built-in DMX
Custom effect / 6 Preset reserve
USB 5V output / USB Firmware update
14.4V support for V-mount battery

Rental Period & Prices
1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
40€ 80€ 140€
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250W RGBWW LED Panel
RGBWW video lighting is a type of LED lighting that combines red, green, blue (RGB) LEDs with warm white (WW) LEDs, allowing for free adjustment of color temperature and color tone to suit the shooting environment. It provides a powerful 250W output while remaining energy-efficient and low-power.
Controller for SATURN250
The dedicated controller for SATURN250 is made of metal and provides precise control of brightness, color temperature, and color tone. It also has a control lock function to protect the lighting settings from unauthorized changes.
Enhacned Flexibility Light Panel
New flexible panel is more durable and enhanced flexibility. Previous model was bent only from side to side but the new one is bent on the four sides. Furthermore this solid LED panel lasts longer than before with its high durability.
DMX 512 ready with Built-in DMX
Multiple SATURN250 can be controlled through a DMX controller, and the SATURN250 has a DMX address with 512 channels, enabling a wide range of effects to be created on set. For instance, one light can be adjusted for red, green, blue, and white individually, or multiple lights can be adjusted for color, brightness, and effects to achieve a variety of shooting effects.

Technical Specifications

Light Sources RGBWW Flexible LED Panel
Consumption 250 W
Photometric (lux) 1m:6,024 2m:1,752 3m:875
CRI 95 or above
CCT 2700ºK ~ 6500ºK
Light Angle 140º
Dimming 0~100%
Power Input DC 24 V
DMX 512 Channels
Dimensions Panel 90×24 cm (35.2×9.5 inch)
Dimensions Controller 27x17x8 cm (10.5×6.5×3 inch)
Weight Panel 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)
Weight Controller 1.8 kg (4 lb)


Cineroid Saturn250 Wide is available to rent at FRENEL rental.