Edelkrone Slider Kit
Edelkrone Slider Kit
Edelkrone Slider Kit

Combine Edelkrone Slider Xlong. Modules and Heads for extra smooth, steady. 360 all angle variety of shots. Operate from distance and setup your favorite presets, timelapses and many more with the brand new Edelkrone Controller

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Edelkrone Slider Kit is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.

Sliderplus Xlong
2 x HeadONE pan-tilt
Tilt Kit
Slider module v2,
Steady Module.
Flex TILT Head
hard peli case,
shutter triggers for cameras, n1 for nikon, c1 for canon/samsung/pentax and c3 for canon
4 x NPF Batterie + Charger
4 x LP6 Batteries + Charger