Edelkrone Slider Module V2

Slide Module v2 for SliderPLUS / SliderPLUS PRO is a motorized add-on which can be attached to all SliderPLUS models. With Slide Module v2, you can easily achieve perfectly stable slides or easily program motion time-lapse and stop motion videos

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Key Features
Gives SliderPLUS automated sliding motion
Ultra quiet operation
Ultra precise backlash-free operation
Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth
Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses
Can pair and work with HeadONE or HeadPLUS/HeadPLUS PRO
Works with all SliderPLUS models purchased from Jan 2016
Works only horizontally (not designed for inclined shots)
Allows manual sliding without affecting the motors.
Works with 2x Canon LP-E6 or 2x NP-F batteries
Can also be powered via AC-DC adapter
100% CNC machined aluminum body
Battery Brackets not included (sold separately)

Technical Specifications

Box Contents Slide Module, connection screws for Slide Module, allen keys.
Size (L x W x H) 5.3 x 3.18 x 2.59 in (135 x 81 x 66 mm)
Weight 1.87 lb (0.85 kg)
Incline Capacity Only horizontal
Min. step size on tripod 22.4 μm
Min. step size on ground 11.2 μm
Max. speed on tripod 2.52 in/sec (6.42 cm/sec)
Max. speed on ground 1.26 in/sec (3.21 cm/sec)
Supported fps All
Number of axes Single (the slide motion)
Motor type Step motor with ultra high-res encoder.
Power inputs x2 LP-E6 type battery or x2 NP-F type battery (Batteries and battery brackets are sold separately.)
Battery life With 28.8 Wh energy (1 Canon LP-E6 battery is 14.4 Wh)
Operates 2 hours (continuously at full speed)
Shoots 12000 photographs (in Time-Lapse mode)
Shutter trigger cable socket 2.5 mm (Shutter trigger cable is sold separately).
Compatibility SliderPLUS 2018/19 model, SliderPLUS PRO 2018/19 model, SliderPLUS v5, SliderPLUS PRO v5
Can be paired with HeadONE (Both in single or dual modes), Pan PRO, HeadPLUS, HeadPLUS PRO
Mobile device connection 2.4 GHz direct link for inter-device communication and BLE for pairing / mobile phone connection
App. compatibility iOS 11.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later
Materials CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components.
DC plug specs Voltage input: 100-240V, Voltage out: 9.0V, Current output: 2.2A, Polarization: positive center, Output connector: Barrel plug, 2.1 mm I.D. x 5.5 mm O.D x 9.5 mm


Edelkrone Slider Module V2 is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.