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Formatt Fog Filters are excellent filters when you want to recreate the effects of natural fog. It generates a soft glow and flare – producing a warm romantic tone. A natural fog causes lights to glow and flare. Contrast is lower, and sharpness may be affected as well.
If you think of a perfume atomizer, that is what a Fog Filter will resemble. Like tiny droplets in the air, they create a soft image that is useful when you need to recreate the effect of humidity in a tropical scene.

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Fog filters create the effect of a mist or natural fog, bringing about a soft glow and flare, and taking the edge off excess contrast and sharpness These create a soft glow from highlights and produce a natural fog effect, lowering contrast without any stop increase.


FORMATT 4×4 Fog 2 Filter is available to rent at FRENEL rental.