Firecrest Bloom Gold 82mm filter FRENEL rental

Effect: Gold-flecked filter with the strongest impact among Soft filters
Image Enhancement: Smooths skin, halates the images, and adds a subtle warm tone, creating a vintage feel.
Subtle Effect: The filter produces a subtle enhancement that complements skin tones even in cool colour temperature environments
Retained Contrast: While providing its unique effects, the filter retains contrast in the image

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Firecrest Bloom Gold

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker Known for his pioneering work with DSLRs, his blogs, education and YouTube channel.
He has worked as a cinematographer and cameraman for Lucasfilm, CNN, SKY, BBC and many more.
Philip has been a leader in camera reviews and development for many years, advising some of the largest camera companies. Formatt Hitech is proud to be partnering with Philip on “bloomGold”, which Philip calls “the most beautiful diffusion filter I’ve ever used.”


Formatt 82mm Bloom Gold 1/4 is available to rent at FRENEL rental.