Handheld Semicircular Lens Prism FRENEL rental cool filters

80mm Camera Lens Prism Application: The diameter of the camera lens prism is 80mm, ie 3.15 inches, and is suitable for 80mm lenses, making your photos stand out without special effects.

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The 80mm camera lens prism can connect the adapter ring to convert the lens of different diameters, and the effect is different at different focal lengths.
Special Effects Prism- Premium Material The crescent shaped camera lens prism is made of high quality optical glass and aluminum alloy with good definition and transparency, wear resistant and can be used for a long time.
Prism Camera – Special Effects The special effects prism of the camera can blur irrelevant landscapes around the image and focus on the center of the image, which is suitable for shooting people.
Handheld lens prism: the special effects filter is equipped with a finger ring and a handlebar. Users can comfortably hold the 80mm special effects filter to achieve different effects in front of your camera.


Handheld Semicircular Lens Prism is available to rent at FRENEL rental.