Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm 244N
Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm 244N
Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm 244N
Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm 244N

Achieve absolute control with the Variable Friction Arm with camera bracket with Bracket. Manufactured to world renowned Italian standards, this trustworthy kit is up to the challenge.

Crafted from tough but lightweight aluminium, the portable nature of this photo variable friction arm makes it ideal for transportation between shoots. Durable and strong, it can support weights of up to 3Kg. Combined this with its ability to stretch 53cm, and you’ve got the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

Variable friction is available through the photo variable friction arm’s secure locking system. Simply adjust the ergonomic knob and you’ll quickly get the exact position you need. The camera bracket will support you through your shoot with its ability to hold an umbrella and more. Just slot it into place with the 035 Super Clamp, and you’re all set up.

Each end of this arm is equipped with a standard-size 16mm spigot which is Anti-Rotation Super Clamp 035 Compatible and features one 1/4” female thread attachment on one side and 3/8” female thread attachment on the other. In addition, the arm is compatible with a whole host of Manfrotto Lighting Accessories such as floor stands, Clamps and more. This gives you a fully compatible and functional magic photo arm you may take with you wherever you go.

With the included camera Bracket (143BKT) you can securely position your camera in a whole host of positions. In addition, this is the perfect item of photography equipment to support items such as LED lights, studio lighting and studio equipment, in fact just about anything in or out of the studio needed to be positioned flexibly and securely!

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Professional Variable Friction Arm
Superior construction for maximum strength and durability
Ergonomic handle for precision-controlled movement
Arm extends to 53cm giving you maximum flexibility

Technical Specifications

1.09 kg

3 kg

Arm Length
53 cm

Top Attachment
3/8″ thread female, 5/8″ (16mm) stud

Attachment (Bottom)
1/4″ thread female, 5/8″ (16mm) stud


Superclamp Compatible

Aluminium, Stainless steel


Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm 244N is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.