Rickshaw PROAIM Falcon Pro FRENEL rental
Rickshaw PROAIM Falcon Pro FRENEL rental
Rickshaw PROAIM Falcon Pro FRENEL rental
Rickshaw PROAIM Falcon Pro FRENEL rental

Get Long Stabilized Tracking Shots
Allows taking walking to running speed shots with Handheld, Gimbal or Steadicam.
The Proaim Falcon Pro is a versatile steady rickshaw to get stable long-run shots without any tracks. It is designed for 3-axis Camera Gimbal, Handheld, and Steadicam setups.
It has hydraulic twin shock absorbers on both sides of the Rickshaw to reduce shocks and provide stabilized shots.
The Rickshaw is cleverly constructed with Solid Aluminum, but it is lightweight and takes up a payload of 200kg/440lb.

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Design For Your Convenience
The Falcon Pro offer you a comfortable hydraulic seat to position the camera at a lower level for ultra-low shots.
The seat offers 360-degree movement, and you can mount four back & forth positions on the rickshaw’s platform.
It has two adjustable footrests to relieve strain from the operator’s legs.
It comes with sturdy Hand Grips at the corners of the main handle for ease & comfort.
Ultimate Mobility
The Jockey Wheel allows the Rickshaw to be manoeuvred in a three-wheel configuration, precisely in tight spaces, and it also performs exact circles for round shots.
The height adjustment screws/feature helps in balancing the Rickshaw on different surface levels.
The rear jockey wheel comes with a brake.
Versatile Design
The Main Wheels feature 3 height adjustment points 5″, 6″ & 7″ allows the set up to adapt the height according to the rough and bumpy roads.
Telescopic Handle length range from 32″- 54″ allows ease of handling.
Right below the main handle, it has the universal adaptable 42 mm thick rod mount for accessories & other equipment.
It also has a support bar for your rest, that while not using it, you can keep the rickshaw on the surface without getting it too low.
Wide Compatibility
The Falcon Rickshaw Pro supports 42mm speed rails to install a shock absorber arm with 3-Axis Gimbal.
The Platform has 10mm threads & free holes for mounting other accessories.
You can also remove the seat, and mount a 50mm scaffold pole to the Platform, to mount compatible gear.


Rickshaw Proaim Falcon Pro is available to rent at FRENEL rental