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Multifuctional wheeledd double riser Stand

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Make moving around your lights, video monitors, or other photographic equipment much easier and more efficient with Proaim Baby Jr. Roller Stand, which is portable for on-location use while still useful for indoor studio purposes.
It is a solid stand on wheels that is perfect to use with all major photography equipment like lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, backgrounds, etc.
This Precisely engineered, High-Quality gear offers a payload of up to 15kg / 33lb.
It is a 3-section stand with a broad foot base, long collapsible legs, and a middle-level spreader, which offers excellent steadiness for your lighting equipment indoors and outdoors.
The stand rises to a maximum height of 114 inch and has built-in solid locks to steady the stand’s height.
Besides, the 5/8″ baby pin on the top benefits you with excellent mounting options, be it for lights and accessories or even a Camera Stabilizer System & Gimbals with their support accessories.
This solid stand comes equipped with non-marking caster wheels so that you can roll or transport the stand smoothly across the floor.
Each wheel is secured to the standing leg and has a specially designed footbrake that keeps the stand completely steady, stable, and secure for reliable parking.
The wheels are tucked away above the ground, giving you the benefit of using the stand with or without wheels, suiting different shooting scenarios.
Also, the stand can collapse quickly, making it perfect for storing and traveling.


Roller Support Stand is available to rent at FRENEL rental.