The Sachtler flowtech 75 GS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ground Spreader eschews the common single or double carbon fiber tube design and instead has redesigned the shape of the legs for improved torsional strength. The legs weigh just under 7 pounds yet they can support a payload of up to 44 pounds and extend from a minimum height of 10″ to a maximum height of 62.2″ when using the included ground spreader. Each leg features a single clamping lever that locks and unlocks the sections.

Each leg extends or retracts independently from the other two, and when it is detached from the spreader each leg can pivot without affecting the other legs. This is especially useful when working on rough or uneven terrain. You can remove the spreader completely and lock each leg in one of three positions, so you can work without a spreader if you wish. This enables you to spread the legs extremely wide for low shots, while the tripod legs maintain their torsional stability. The dual spikes at the end of each leg provide extra grip when working on softer ground without the spreader. An attachment point and carry handle are included.

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Dual-stage, carbon fiber, 75mm bowl tripod
The design and construction of the legs provide tremendous torsional stability. In other words, the legs resist twisting when you pan the tripod head.
The included ground spreader snaps easily onto the dual-spiked feet using a combination elastic and lever attachment system. The rubber feet are removable from the spreader and can be attached directly to the dual spiked feet of the legs for operation on hard/delicate surfaces without the spreader.
Each leg features a single clamping lever lock design at the top of the leg, near the 75mm bowl. This allows you to loosen all three leg sections from a single location, saving you time while reducing the wear and tear on your body as you don’t have to bend down to loosen a leg lock at the bottom to lower or raise the legs.
The legs incorporate a locking mechanism that enables the legs to move completely freely, suitable when working with a spreader, or to lock at one of three angles, suitable for use when working without a spreader.

Technical Specifications

Head Mount Type 75 mm Bowl
Load Capacity 44 lb / 20 kg
Maximum Working Height 62.20″ / 1.58 m (with Spreader)
5.02′ / 1.53 m (without Spreader)
Minimum Working Height 16.14″ / 0.41 m (with Spreader)
10.24″ / 0.26 m (without Spreader)
Folded Length 27.17″ / 69 cm
Materials Aluminum, Carbon Fiber
Weight 6.39 lb / 2.9 kg
Leg Lock Type Lever Lock
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Leg Sections 3
Feet Features Dual Spiked
Spreader Ground (Included)
Center Column
Packaging Info
Package Weight 10.15 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 28.75 x 7.25 x 7″


Sachtler FLOWTECH 75 Tripod is available at FRENEL rental