Snhneider 4x5.6" BLACK MAGIC 1/2

Combining the best attributes of the Schneider HD Classic Soft and Black Frost, this stunning “1/2” strength filter removes unsightly blemishes and wrinkles while providing an airbrushed texture to the image. From slightly taking off a video edge to removing years off a person’s age. Pleasant softening of bright highlights helps control the exposure while maintaining rich blacks and colours.

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Reduces Subject Blemishes and Wrinkles
Maintains Overall Sharpness
Softens Highlights and Mid-Tones
Reduces Glare
Glowing Effect for Highlights
Maintains Appearance of Dark Areas
Water White Glass Construction
Padded Pouch


Snhneider 4×5.6″ BLACK MAGIC 1/2 is avalable to rent at FRENEL rental.