Selens FX Prism FRENEL rental
Selens FX Prism FRENEL rental
Selens FX Prism FRENEL rental
Selens FX Prism FRENEL rental
Selens FX Prism FRENEL rental

Material: High quality solid optical K9 glass, provides the high value of clarity and transparency, and the edges are polished for safe use.
Hands Free Shooting: With a 1/4″ threaded hole, so that it can be mounted on a tripod or tripod. Position the prism accurately or place it in front of the lens to release your hands while shooting.
Professional photography camera prisms: it is a great idea to give photos, movies or videos a creative effect. For example, rainbow colours, dreamy looks, beautiful reflections or light reflections that you do not even need in Photoshop.
Package includes: 3 x crystal prism; 1 x microfiber cleaning cloth; The microfiber cloth can remove fingerprints and keep the prism and lens clear.

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With a 1/4 inch internal thread hole, the prism can be easily attached to a tripod or tripod, so you can hold it in front of the camera lens and adjust the position of the camera, prism and light source to capture the broken light beam light and effects. Create magical effects by refraction. Refraction of the lens by different angles to achieve dreamlike glare and rainbow light effects. Different lights create different effects. Each piece is a gift of light. Reusable portable microfibre cleaning cloth for removing dust, oil stains and dirt without leaving marks.


Selens FX Prism is available to rent at FRENEL rental.