tablet ipad teleprompter FRENEL rental production tools
tablet ipad teleprompter FRENEL rental production tools
tablet ipad teleprompter FRENEL rental production tools
tablet ipad teleprompter FRENEL rental production tools
tablet ipad teleprompter FRENEL rental production tools

We understand how important it is to have a teleprompter that helps you gain your audience’s attention and doesn’t take much of your efforts and time.
Therefore, we got you a re-designed Prompter incorporated with more features; making it one of the most versatile and affordable teleprompters on the market today.
Proaim Ultra Teleprompter is a user-friendly device. It mounts on tripod and allows attaching a camera on the rear shooting platform and placing a tablet or smartphone in front support area, and you’re set to go.
The Proaim iPad Teleprompter Kit is an on-the-go prompting solution and is used for corporate meetings, instructional videos, seminars or advertisements.

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The 60:40 Optical glass provides a mirror image of speech to the presenter & a transparent impression to the audience.
Quality Glass allows the camera to shoot through without visually affecting the video.
Quickly adjustable glass angles ensure the speaker’s excellent eye contact with the audience.
The Universal Ultra Teleprompter, with its entirely new design and features such as – Foldable glass frame, Height adjustable Camera Quick Release, Camera Mount with a unique locking system, is an upgrade to all the other standard prompters available.
With a more flexible design, It supports both Large & Standard size Tablets.
The Universal Teleprompter utilizes any iOS or Android smartphone/tablet as Display, running any teleprompting app.
The adjustable holder allows mounting the Mobile, Standard / Large Tablet ranging from 6 x 9” to 9 x 12″ in size.
The range of supported cameras sizes runs from small DSLR / Mirror-less to mid-level camcorders.
The Teleprompter allows you to tripod-mount the set up while the on-air talent reads from the scrolling text.
The Teleprompter is designed around the standard 15mm rod system and can be set up in less than 1 minute.
The Magnetic Protective hood is removable and attaches quickly via a magnetic strip.
Remove shooting device, and teleprompting device and the unit collapses with the beam splitter glass installed.
The Teleprompter comes with a glass-cleaning cloth and a pair of gloves.
Protective Bag Packing ensures safe storage & easy transportation. The compact bag is easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.

Technical Specifications

Weight 3.55kg / 7.82lb


Tablet / iPad Telepromter is available to rent at FRENEL rental.
60/40 Beam Splitter Glass Magnetic Protective Hood Large Tablet Holder 5 x Long Tablet Holder Extension Mount 2 x 12″ (30.5 cm) 15mm Rods 2 x Side Hood With Single Bottom Hood Cotton Fabric Hand Gloves Bag Packing