Tilta Universal Focus Gear Ring FRENEL rental

The Universal Focus Gear Ring is the perfect universal option for using wireless or mechanical follow focus systems with photography lenses.
These rings feature a textured inner ring which keeps the Gear Ring securely in place and can easily be adjusted.
The integrated clasp is designed to secure the Gear Ring tightly to a lens while the 0.8 standard gear offers precise rotation and low noise.
The various color options help add flare to your builds and open up options for color coding camera positions or lens gear functions.

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[INNER RING] Features a Textured Grip to Stay Secure on the Lens
[INTEGRATED CLASP] Secures the Lens Ring on Different Sized Lenses
[0.8 STANDARD] Pitch Gears Compatible with a Wide Range of Lenses
[EASILY ADJUSTED] via Quickly Accessible Gear Ring Clasp
[COLOR OPTIONS] Allow Users to Color Code Various Functions


Tilta Universal Focus Gear Ring is available to rent at FRENEL rental.